Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Tipsy Boar

Hey all,

So my girlfriend and I were looking for a place after valentine's day to grab a drink and some good food.  We went to "The Tipsy Boar" in downtown Hollywood, FL.  It is right by the other place I previously blogged about, "The Greek Joint".  We were craving a beer and a bacon burger to be specific and we heard this place has good craft beers and awesome burgers.
craft beer bacon burger tipsy boar
Beers on tap at The Tipsy Boar

We went there on Saturday, 2-15-14, and sat at the bar.  It was somewhat busy but we found a couple seats right away.  They had over 40 craft beers on tap and all were written on a chalk board style menu in front of the bar.  I recognized many of the beers such as Cigar City Brewing (CCB) and many others. The menu was also very detailed and all their choices sounded delicious.  Since we had a burger craving, we decided to order their "Millionaire Bacon Burger".  It was one of their specialties along with Pizza.  I ordered CCB "Cubano Espresso" to drink and it is a coffee porter with a strong coffee flavor.  My girlfriend ordered "South Hampton Abbot" beer which I had before and she enjoyed it.  

The bacon burger came out within 15 minutes of ordering it and was extremely tasty.  It definitely satisfied our craving!  We ended up having just the beer and burger, but they do have many other foods such as pizza, steak, seafood, salad, and many bar bites.  They have about 12-15 TV's in there and the atmosphere seemed really "chill".  The pricing was a little higher than some other places with craft beer ranging from $6-$9 for a glass and the burger was $14.  I think it was worth it though, as we both loved our experience. We will definitely be back to "The Tipsy Boar" soon.  

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